Our role is to join up health and care services, improve people's health and wellbeing, and to make sure everyone has the same access to services and gets the same outcomes from treatment. We also oversee how money is spent and make sure health services work well and are of high quality and work in close partnership with our partner organisations to achieve this. 


What is an Integrated Care System?

Watch the video below about Integrated Care Systems and how they plan to deliver joined up health and care services to improve the lives of people who live and work in Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire West. 

Across BOB ICS, we will plan and provide joined up health and care services through the NHS, local authorities and third sector organisations to:
  • improve the health and wellbeing of people in our area
  • tackle health inequalities
  • improve productivity
  • support broader social and economic development.

By collaborating across the ICS, we will help health and care organisations tackle complex challenges, including:

  • improving the health of children and young people
  • supporting people to stay well and independent
  • acting sooner to help those with preventable conditions
  • supporting those with long-term conditions or mental health issues
  • caring for those with multiple needs as populations age
  • getting the best from collective resources so people get care as quickly as possible.