A DPIA is a process to help identify and minimise the data protection risks of a project.  DPIAs completed for BOB ICB projects are available below. 

Completion of a DPIA is a legal requirement where the processing of personal data takes place. Please read here for more information about Data Protection Impact Assessments.

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2024.07.19 - Mortimer System Migration DPIA Final_Redacted.pdf

2024.07.11 - Pembroke System Migration DPIA FINAL_Redacted.pdf

2024.07.03 - MOT Practice support for Prescribing Activities_Redacted.pdf

2024.07.01 - South East Children and Young People (CYP) Diabetes Technology Project_Redacted.pdf

2024.06.24 - 5011 Bucks Single Domain Migration DPIA_Redacted.pdf

2024.06.24 - Oviva Diabetes Support_Redacted.pdf

2024.05.23 SE Regional Demand and Capacity Dashboard_Redacted.pdf

2024.05.02 DPIA Silicon Practice Foundation_Redacted

2024.04.30 DORA Automated System BOB ICB FINAL

2024.04.12 Docman Connect Consolidation DPIA_Redacted.pdf

2024.03.20 - DPIA BOB MOT Practice support for PQS 24-25_Redacted

2024.03.20 - Optoms Controllers EeRS Rego DPIA_ Redacted

2024.02.14 - HealthPortal HealthPod SurgeryPod FINAL_Redacted

2024.02.14 - SharePoint-Online 6 K21A N365 Final_Redacted

2024.02.02 - South East Children and Young People (CYP) Diabetes Technology Project_Redacted

2023.12.13 Freedom of Information Management System-Infreemation -FOI_Redacted

2023.11.15 Survey to scope Independent Prescribers and DPPs FINAL_Redacted

2023.11.01 Robot Process Automation Pilot Final_Redacted

2023.10.20 BOB Insights Portal Data Migration Final_Redacted

2023.10.02 Optum Scriptswitch System Final__Redacted

2023.09.27 DPIA BOB ICB OASIS _Redacted 

2023.09.13 KPMG Primary Care Data Analysis Project Redacted

2023.09.07 AccuRx System Patient Communication Redacted

2023.08.07 Immedicare - Prescribing Redacted

2023.08.04 Outsourcing CHC Review Service Redacted

2023.07.12 DPIA ID Badges Project

2023.07.18 Oviva DPIA

2023.06.29 CHC Service Transfer

2023.06.29 Positive Behaviour Support - Functional Assessments

2023.06.08 BOBICB Oxford Team CHC Office Move Paper Records Transfer Redacted

2023.04.24 DPIA BOB MOT Practice Support for PQS

2023.01.19 Revised DPIA Blood Transportation Service Redacted

2022.12.09 DPIA Thames Valley Cost of Living Research Project Redacted

2022.11.17 DPIA Immedicare - Prescribing_Redacted

2022.11.08 DPIA dPCP Template Usage Data Extraction refresh Redacted

2022.10.17 DPIA Blood Transportation Service Redacted

2022.10.12 DPIA HomeFirst Redacted

2022.10.07 DPIA AliveCor Redacted

2022.08.09 DPIA MOT Practice Support

2022.08.01 Local Risk Management System Project DPIA

2022.07.22 Urgent Community Response Analysis DPIA 

2022.07.22 Healthy IO DPIA