We welcome and value all compliments, suggestions, concerns and complaints and are committed to taking them into account when we consider changes and improvements to services. Information on how to make a complaint is available below on this page, however if you would like to share compliments, suggestions or discuss concerns please contact our PALS and Complaints Team (PACT) on: 


BOB ICB email address: bobicb.palscomplaints@nhs.net

Freephone numbers for our Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS)

Tel: 0800 328 5640

Tel: 0800 052 6088

Tel: 0118 982 2720

GP practices, NHS pharmacies, NHS optometry services, NHS dentists
  • If you wish to complain about the service you have received from a GP practice, an NHS dentist, a community pharmacy or an optometry service you can:  

    • Take your complaint directly to the GP practice, the dental practice, the community pharmacy or the optometry practice where you received your service
    • Take your complaint to the commissioner of these services (the Integrated Care Board which pays for the service or care). Complaints to all Integrated Care Boards in the South East are now handled by: 

South East Complaints Hub
NHS Frimley ICB
King Edward VII Hospital
St Leonards Road

Phone number: 0300 561 0290

Email address: Frimleyicb.southeastcomplaints@nhs.net

For more information please go to the webpage


Hospital Services

To complain about the service you have received from a hospital, please send your complaint directly to the appropriate hospital:

Other health services

To complain about the service you have received from Mental Health, Learning Disabilities, CAMHS or community services:

Making a complaint to the BOB ICB

As a commissioner we can look into complaints about the services we commission. The person making the complaint has a choice of complaining either to the provider of the service, or to us as the commissioner of the service. 

When a complaint is made to us about a service we commission, we will determine how best to handle the complaint in discussion with the person making the complaint.

We will discuss whether it is best dealt with by either the provider of the service or us as the commissioner of the service. When we agree the complaint is best dealt with by the provider of the service, we will seek consent from the person making the complaint to forward the complaint to the provider of the service.

If you would like to discuss your best course of action or make a complaint about the BOB ICB please call the relevant number below and we will be happy to assist you.

BOB ICB PALS and Complaints Team (PACT)


Email: bobicb-bucks.palscomplaints@nhs.net

Freephone: 0800 328 5640 


Email: bobicb-ox.palscomplaints@nhs.net

Freephone: 0800 052 6088

Berkshire West:  

Email: bobicb-bw.palscomplaints@nhs.net 

Freephone: 0118 982 2720