You are very welcome to join our Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire West Integrated Care Board (BOB ICB) meetings to listen to the discussions on how we are further improving health services. 


The meetings will consider questions from the public related to the agenda items. Written answers are provided to all questions (including those not relating to agenda items) and published here within 20 working days of the meeting. 

Should you wish to submit a question to the Board then please email your question/s to by 9am on the Monday before a given Board.

Papers for a forthcoming Board meeting will be posted here. All enquiries relating to Board papers can be submitted to:


Meeting Dates
 Joining Virtually
16 July 2024
10.00 to 13.00
Council Chamber
Cherwell District Council
Bodicote House
OX15 4AA
Join here
21 May 2024
10.00 to 13.00
Paralympic Room
The Gateway Offices
Gatehouse Road
HP19 8FF
19 March 2024
10.00 to 13.00
POWIC Conference Room
Warneford Hospital
Warneford Lane
0X3 7JX
16 January 2024 
10.00 to 13.00
Paralympic Room
Buckinghamshire Council
Gateway Offices
Gatehouse Road
HP19 8FF