BOB ICB is committed to working with patients, the public and other stakeholders to maintain, develop and design services that deliver the outcomes that matter for patients. This includes developing services which are high quality, affordable and sustainable, whilst also promoting self-care and helping people stay healthy.  

We are keen to develop a way of working that ensures that public and stakeholder engagement is embedded into everything we do. It is only by listening to each other, sharing knowledge and experience and working together that we can best understand the needs of the communities we serve, and develop our services to meet those needs. 

Furthermore, we will ensure that engagement takes place at the appropriate level, with the right people and in the most appropriate geography, whether that is at general practice level with patient participation groups (PPGs), or neighbourhood level, where PPGs and primary care networks (PCNs) work with wider community groups, at local authority level (Place), or at an Integrated Care System-wide level.   

We are currently developing a strategy for working with people and communities which sets out how we will work with people and communities. It has been produced in collaboration with our partners and stakeholders and will continue to develop as the ICB progresses. In the spirit of partnership working, and aiding the flow of information across the system, we strongly urge all partner organisations to ensure that this strategy is widely read by those who may hold an interest in helping to shape its future direction - patients, public, staff and stakeholders. 

Other ways to get involved and influence your local health services across Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire & Berkshire West: 

  1. Join your local Patient Participation Group (PPG)  at your GP practice  

  2. Talking Health our current online consultation and engagement activities including: 
  • Surveys 
  • Discussion Forums 
  • Public events and workshops 
  • Polls 
  • Commenting on leaflets and documents

3. Social Media - follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to hear about the latest events, surveys and meetings 

4. Attend one of our Board meetings in public 

5. NHS England surveys and consultations 

6. Healthwatch an independent organisation that gathers patient feedback to influence health and social care services: 

7. Volunteer as a Patient rep on one of our health projects or programme boards. Email us to let us know your area of interest and we will be in touch as soon as a relevant opportunity arises. 

8. Information and engagement materials can be made available in different formats to enable people to engage with the work of the CCG. Please Email us with your request.